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Krispy, otherwise known as the before photo of the Atkin's Diet

This is what happens when you shake the soda...

DJ Krisp
31 January
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John Deere, Briggs and Stratton, MTD, Ariens, Toro, Honda, Yamaha, Scotts, Homelite, SCAG, Dixie Chopper, Dennis, Grasshopper, Herr, Husqvarna, Ingersoll, Snapper, more to come (I add them as I remember them, so I probably won't get too far).... Yeah, um, I study (and very often use) agricultural equipment. I also work on small engines and such (tractors, cars, you name it). My friends call me Krispy Kreme, so does my Global History teacher. I bike ALL THE TIME, I have a mountain bike, so I actually, unlike most people, mountain bike. B:L:A:H I DON'T LIKE TO UPDATE, though I'm not that bored anymore.Why? Cuz I got my bike!

OKAY, If your gonna make fun of us by singing the song or something, at least get it right.
Here it is, it's not called Tonto, as many are lead to believe, but Apache, and you'll see why

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Tonto, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it...
Kemosabi, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it...
Custer, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it...
Apache, jump on it, jump on it, wowowowowowowowowo!!

[Big Bank Hank]
I'm Big Bank, I am the Chief
I got a lot of raps but I'll be real
I never need a horse I like to chill
so I, drive up in my new Seville
My Tribe went down in the hall of fame
Cause I'm the one who shot Jesse James
Pound for pound, I will never break down
(Big Bank!) No sir, I don't mess around

Awowowowowowowowowow!! Ho!


[Master G]
Like Kemosabi, of course it's me
I'm better known as the Master G
A firing squad, sensed the danger
When they're stung by the rapping ranger
Had a little talk with my medicine man
He said, "Get them squaws, fast as you can"
To all you girls, that wanna join my Tribe
Just move to my rhythm, and feel my vibe
Put up a fuss, in the end you'll agree
When you come inside, my tee-pee
As I said before, you could sense the danger
When you're stung by the rapping ranger
When Silver and I, take a ride
All you suckers better step aside
I sting squaws, then I run away
HIYOO Silver, is what I say!

Ho! Ho! Wowowowowowowowow!
Hit it gang!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Aowowowowowowowowowowowo!


[Wonder Mike]
A pow-wow, just rock it out
Finger poppin to the break of dawn
Keep it rockin like the stuff that we call maize
(What's that?) Hot buttered popcorn
You just hippa-hoppa-dippa-boppa bang the boogie
woogie betcha wanna boogie again
And you can put me to the test at your request
I rock you out of your mocassins
Kemosabi got down, took off his mask
He kicked off his shoes and did the Monster Mash
Tommy came along, saw what was happenin
His head began to boppin his foot start to clappin
Go slam, dunk, do the jerk
And with the mic is how my smoke signals work
They were jammin' off a record that said it best:
"Now what you hear is not a test!"

A-hunga-hunga-hunga-hunga (2X)

[Chorus (minus the a-hunga line)]
[Chorus (music only to the fade)]


I like this one, 'cause it's true,

"Good to meet girl in park, better to park meat in girl"
-Anonymous, if that's how you spell it

Better Slow Down...

This is more true than you think:
Once my old doctor, a friend of my dad's, said that I used up the part of my brain that shows emotion for little things in life storing all the pointless shit I know(That part was a jk). Now his wife, a shrink, said the part that showed affection and love, was still there. Think about it, I could have never sustained any relationships, which I have, some lasting up to 2 years...dont ask, it was a long time ago and I'm not going to explain...anyway, there;s also common passion for hobbies and whatnot, like tractors, and lawnmowers, and lighting effects an stuff. But it's these little things I just don't care about. Now I'm not referring to "the litle things in life" that often affect the outcome of,IDK, something, but little shit that doesn't really need to be cared about, especially by me.